Fish Head Confidential

OK, I’ve been waiting for just the right time to write about my husband, the Fish Head, and Fish Heads in general.  There is also a subcategory of “Fish Heads” called “Boat Heads,” but we’ll get to that later, when I’m not sober.


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Unplug. Hike. Learn.

So, here’s how it was supposed to happen:

We were going to spend 7 days and 6 nights backpacking in the Beartooth Wilderness Area in south-central Montana.  This is beautiful, rugged, wild country, full of mountains, lakes, trout, and mosquitoes.  Our friends, Robert and Lynn, knew the area well, so all we had to do was show up, damn it. Continue reading

Just Another Reason Why I Would Make a Lousy Superhero

One of the best things to do in January, when the weather is usually crummy and there is no thought of warmth and summer, is to sign up for the Sawtooth Relay.  It’s a 62-mile, 6-person running relay that goes from Stanley, Idaho to Ketchum, Idaho in mid-June.  While this isn’t a Hood-to-Coast level of relay, it is challenging enough for Gary and me.

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Wow, You Think You Know Somebody…

For the last few weeks, I’ve been working on completing the last of the CEUs that I need to maintain my professional project management certification.  I picked a topic that seemed to be the easiest and least painful:  Soft Skills Communication.  Sounds pretty painless, right?  And kind of warm and fuzzy like a teddy bear.  Actually, this soft skills class is more like a border collie:  Stares you down, points out your flaws, and then brings things back to reality.

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Kitchen Realities, with a Twist

Martini at Karney R

When we bought our latest house, one of its major selling points was a generously large kitchen.  Holy cow, two ovens and two sinks!  And a pantry that is larger than my dorm room was in college.  Surely everything cooked in this kitchen will be blessed with good cooking karma and my pasta water will never, ever boil over.
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Bird Seed, Good Wine, and the Five Stages of Grief

I have strong feelings for risotto in general, especially mushroom and shrimp risottos.  In addition to the usual risotto made with Arborio rice, I have an amazing recipe for mushroom risotto that is made from farro, instead of rice.  But first of all, let me tell you about my strong feelings for risotto, in general.

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