“OK, campers, rise and shine!” — Groundhog Day reflections

six oclock

For years now, we always watch Groundhog Day after dinner on February 2.  It never fails to amuse me and bring back even more memories of Sonny & Cher than I knew I had.

But this year, the Universe turned against me — specifically Netflix and Amazon Prime.  Continue reading


Eat. Drink. Spain!

madrid bag chicago (Copy) (Copy)

I recently returned from a 12-day culinary odyssey to Barcelona, Seville, and Madrid with 11 other delightful people.  I took more than 1900 photos, which is a direct reflection of the great time I was having, more than of my photographic skill.  I could bore you with endless tales of fine dining, Continue reading

“At the table, no one gets old.” (old Italian proverb)

Every time someone sends us a Christmas/Holiday card, I’m amazed and pleased.  I’m shocked that people still buy cards, fill them out, pay for stamps, and navigate the icy roads to stick them in the mail.  Cutesy cards, holiday greetings, animal cards, family photo cards, what’s not to love about them all.  And what’s even better Continue reading

Note to Self: Drinking Chianti Does Not Help You Learn Italian


I probably minimize Christmas more than anyone you know.  I like to decorate the house a little bit, but I do that anyway.  I love the seasons and generally seize on any opportunity to add twinkle lights to the inevitable holiday darkness.  I have one glass Christmas tree pin that sits on the lapel of my grey pea coat for a few weeks.  I buy a handful of gifts.  That’s it.  Continue reading

“Unleash the Masterchef in you!”

I live a reasonably predictable life, like you probably do.  Not that that’s a bad thing.  Rarely is there a day that starts heading down a familiar path then suddenly and impulsively winds up laughing and tumbling ass-over-teakettle down a steep hill, and comes to rest by a meandering creek, sighing in delight, with grass stains on its knees.  Sure, silly little stuff happens that I don’t see coming. But rarely is there a day with a genuinely delightful surprise.  Am I right?

I don’t count putting in my thumb drive correctly the first time. Continue reading