Guess where I’m calling you from?

i dont want to

Starting today, for the third time, I will be retired.  As I lay in bed this morning, thinking the thoughts that only fly through your head at 3:30 am, how will this time be different?  What will happen when I turn the page on this new, “third chapter” of my life? Continue reading


What I learned from Phil at his funeral…

Going to Hell

I’m not good at funerals and try to avoid them.  Maybe you feel the same way.  I’m at that age when I hear about too many of them, mostly because our parents are dying out at an alarming rate.  Or just going to a funeral reminds me Continue reading

The Shortest Two Minutes of My Life


I didn’t sleep well the night before; couldn’t get there; couldn’t stay there.  At 3:00 am, I was up, making espresso, taking a quick shower, trying on three different sets of clothes.  How the hell DO you dress for a solar eclipse, anyway?  It’s going to be cold, then hot, then coldish, then very hot.  Continue reading

Cheese-covered hockey pucks, anyone?

feet on scale - Copy

Truth is, I may have a SHOW UP license plate on my car, but I’m just a big talker.  I show up for some things, but not others.  No matter what comes and goes from my list of Things I Don’t Show Up For, the #1 thing that is always on that list is taking care of my body.  I know I am the only person who is letting this slide. Continue reading

Reshuffling the Deck with Loretta

Tomorrow, I’ll be flying to Chicago and then on to Barcelona, for 12 days submerged in a Flavors of Spain experience, a custom-designed trip developed by some very fine folks at KJZZ Radio in Phoenix.

From moment to moment, I’m very excited and slightly terrified.  Mostly because flying alone makes me crazy and unusually religious.  But really because I know this is a life-changing trip. Continue reading