What I learned from Phil at his funeral…

Going to Hell

I’m not good at funerals and try to avoid them.  Maybe you feel the same way.  I’m at that age when I hear about too many of them, mostly because our parents are dying out at an alarming rate.  Or just going to a funeral reminds me Continue reading


Note to Self: Drinking Chianti Does Not Help You Learn Italian


I probably minimize Christmas more than anyone you know.  I like to decorate the house a little bit, but I do that anyway.  I love the seasons and generally seize on any opportunity to add twinkle lights to the inevitable holiday darkness.  I have one glass Christmas tree pin that sits on the lapel of my grey pea coat for a few weeks.  I buy a handful of gifts.  That’s it.  Continue reading

A First Date Retrospective…After 30 Years

Some married people look like they belong together.  You’ll know this is true when others refer to them as vegetables, as in “They’re peas in a pod.”  These people also will, later in life, take on the irritating practice of dressing alike, usually right after they start watching Lawrence Welk Continue reading