Note to Self: Drinking Chianti Does Not Help You Learn Italian


I probably minimize Christmas more than anyone you know.  I like to decorate the house a little bit, but I do that anyway.  I love the seasons and generally seize on any opportunity to add twinkle lights to the inevitable holiday darkness.  I have one glass Christmas tree pin that sits on the lapel of my grey pea coat for a few weeks.  I buy a handful of gifts.  That’s it.  Continue reading

A First Date Retrospective…After 30 Years

Some married people look like they belong together.  You’ll know this is true when others refer to them as vegetables, as in “They’re peas in a pod.”  These people also will, later in life, take on the irritating practice of dressing alike, usually right after they start watching Lawrence Welk Continue reading

Cookie Jars and Friends

I’ve been thinking a lot about friends lately. Not my “friends” on Facebook or my “Friends and Family” discounts. But more about how many forms friendship can take. How long they last. How they begin without even realizing it. How they end. It’s interesting.

Perhaps one reason why I take friendships so seriously is because I am an only child. My parents were my parents; they were never my friends. This whole rant was started after I read a post on Facebook about the “66 Things You Are Supposed To Say to Your Children.”  I read the list and started to get a little pissed off, Continue reading