This dinosaur has her feet out of The Cloud and back on the ground.

I’m a fairly trusting soul, but when it comes to machinery and technology, not so much.  This has been a lifelong distrust, started at a very young age, when my first two-wheeler bike’s foot brakes went out on the steep hill by our house, and sent me sailing over the handlebars Continue reading


Life with Shea: The first few days

We recently were given a most precious and pedigreed border collie puppy by our dear friend, Sharon.  As a woman who has owned and trained many border collies and puppies for success as sheep trial dogs, Sharon is no novice when it comes to All Things Border Collie.  Continue reading

“OK, campers, rise and shine!” — Groundhog Day reflections

six oclock

For years now, we always watch Groundhog Day after dinner on February 2.  It never fails to amuse me and bring back even more memories of Sonny & Cher than I knew I had.

But this year, the Universe turned against me — specifically Netflix and Amazon Prime.  Continue reading