About Me

Really?  You want to know more?  How nice of you to ask.

I live in a very small town just northwest of Boise, Idaho, where the uniform is polar fleece, Keens, and a Subaru wagon.  I have two dogs, Henry and Claire.  You’ll be hearing about them because they’re so damned adorable.

Smiling dogs

After surviving a “drunken Italian decade” (don’t judge me; the food was good) and then dating a bunch of older, professor types (don’t judge me; that’s how I got through Accounting class), my fate was to marry an irrationally-exuberant, older man.  Gary is a now-retired business professor who still has his hair (thank God), is a lifelong hedonist (even worse than I am), and is an endearing control freak (right on par with me).  While he’s been retired for almost 8 years, the garage still isn’t clean.  And never will be.  Promises were made…

Gary and I at Yellowstone Falls

I have two amazing stepsons, Mike and Jeff.  You’ll be hearing about them too, their fantastic wives, and their great boys, from time to time.

I enjoyed a reasonably successful career as a meeting planner, small-business marketeer, technical writer, and project manager.  I finally decided to retire after one too many phone calls from Gary, during business hours, asking me where his glasses were.

Since I’m now retired, I have to admit that there still are days when I wish I could just go to work and relax (since most of Gary’s hobbies are exhausting).  And pay my health insurance.  But not too many.  Monday is my favorite day to be retired.

Gary is now 70, I am 59, and life is getting interesting.  Gary has more hobbies than any five people:  Skiing, hiking, mushroom-hunting, fly-fishing, backpacking, boating, fly-tying, looking at stuff through multiple microscopes, photography, traveling, vegetable gardening, camping, canning, entomology, baking, running, snorkeling, video production, home improvement projects (God help me), and being a great grandpa.

I hope he never takes up ice fishing.

Gary is patient with my need to buy throw pillows and move furniture on a regular basis.  And I am patient with his messy garage (as I already mentioned) and wanton need to dispense unqualified medical advice.  It works out.

I am currently recovering from bingeing on “Breaking Bad. “

I wish I were the kind of person who changed all of the batteries in her smoke alarms every January 1, but I’m not.

Thanks for reading.  I know how busy you are.


3 thoughts on “About Me

  1. Well, Hi there, sister! How can it be that we damn near live in the same town (Boise), and I’ve only just now discovered your blog. Yep, we’re kindred spirits! Love your blog, your writing style and that we have many similar interests. I run like a turtle through peanut butter, know and LOVE Durant’s in Phoenix, and believe that you should never trust anyone who doesn’t love animals! My boxer, Roxy, and I say Hello!


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